Un outil indispensable pour disposer le marc de café épuisé après avoir préparé un café.

Bac de récupération du marc

Our stylish home knockbox holds a dozen coffee pucks. It's made from metal and silicone for durability, machine-washability and silent use.

The Best Small Knockbox

Metal, not plastic

Made from black anodized food grade aluminum, our knockbox is durable and machine washable.

Silicone Rubber Bar

Our knock bar is made of moulded slicone rubber around a aluminum metal tube. Solid and silent.

Rubber bottom

A thick, soft rubber bottom keeps the knock box in place while dampening the knocking sound.

Black coated inside

Black inside makes your spent coffee pucks invisible. The anti-slip coating helps pucks slide down and distribute instead of piling up.

Splash back

A tall back prevents your puck from splashing out. The cut away front allows you to hold your portafilter horizontally as you knock your puck out.


Only 13cm (5 inches) tall, it sits discreetly and beautifully on your countertop.

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